Bodywork and Rehab with Kelley

Initial Assessment, Treatment and Personalized Warm-up/Rehab Plan

If you have aches and pains that concern you, are affecting your lifts or daily life, get them assessed by Dr. Kelley Henry. This first visit will include a detailed history, movement assessment and exam, education about your body and treatment. The treatment may include soft tissue therapy (hands on massage, instrument assisted massage or cupping) and a prescribed rehab/warm-up plan. The personalized prescribed plan will be emailed to you within 24 hours after your appointment. You have to option to purchase a monthly personalized rehab/warm-up plan which can be found in the store. 

55 minutes $90

Follow up appointment

After your initial appointment, it is important to check in with Dr. Kelley to assess symptoms and to determine how to progress your treatment. These sessions include a brief history, soft tissue therapy and an update to your personalized plan if warranted. 

25 minutes $45